Friday, July 31, 2009

DAY 274

Top List Ranking


Maik said...

Hab ich!

Kenneth Botsford Jr said...

So there is a dilemma about voting, yes you are my favorite zombie site, but sadly you've stated that your only going to be running this site for a year. Then no more drawings and no more happiness for my wife and I to look at any more.

So here's the deal I want you to run for more then a year, I mean why would I vote for something that is going to be dieing out in a few months when I can go vote for something that is permanently up and running?

The Hordes of zombies demand a longer running time than a year.

Of course I'm voting for your site, but I am extremely saddened by the thought of this blog stopping in october. So please consider for all the zombie fans to continue this site past your drop date


Timo said...

Thanx for the comment and for voting my blog!
And yepp, although this project is some kind of stress for me from day to day, I don't think that I will end this in October. I think about a new - maybe less time-consuming - concept to carry this blog on. So stay tuned and undead :)