Sunday, March 29, 2009

DAY 150


katillac deVille said...

How do you shrink the zombies so small? This could open up a whole new side business. Think about it: The PortaZombie™! We could make millions on this.

The one drawn reminds me of Abe Lincoln. See? BAM right there! The PortaZombie™ Presidents Series. The possibilities are endless. Famous sport stars. Ooooh! PortaZombie™ UneadCelebs™! Carry Zombie Marilyn in your pocket! Then there's the ultimate in PortaZombie™ UndeadCelebs™, Bela Lugosi.

Think about it, but contact me soon before this offer expires. I'm dead serious!

Dominik said...

Mehr davon bitte!

Tatman said...